Globalization or Not?

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A. Identify a research topic
Globalization or not?
Based on the textbook, during the past few years the globalization do change the world rapidly and deeply. However, it has been argued for a long time. Globalization or not is not only the issues for politicians, but also economist and Social scientist, even for each and every person on this planet. The debate of whether the globalization is good or bad for individual, the family, the national, and the whole world. In the views of pessimists there is a terribly destructive trend of increased interdependence, while optimists see a diversity and better life for all people. To clearly understand the merits and demerits of globalization is to help the authorities make the right decisions. To enumerate the merits of globalization is to research the impact of globalization to the world especially on the world economy. The demerits of globalization could be located as the jobs and income is a biggest issue for some developed countries which suffered from financial crisis in 2007. The influence of environment and national power should also be considered. Globalization is making wealth gap and spreading it all around the world. The conflict of different culture is also a considerable issue.

B. Search Library Catalogues

David Held & Anthony McGrew, 2007. Globalization/Anti-Globalization, 2nd edition. Polity Press, Cambridge.

This is a Book about 'The Globalization Controversy'. It provides evidence for and against globalization in each of the main areas in the academic and public debate. The key areas such as the destiny of national traditional culture, the increasing global crime, the character of world economy and the role of global governing. To understand the issue of Globalization from two different aspects. David H., 2004, a globalizing world? Culture, economics, politics, The Open University. The author discussed the impact of globalization. Even in the past decades the world's economy make a remarkable progress, the politicians concern about the governance of domestic economy. This also point out who will be winners and losers. It has argued that everybody are potential losers from economic globalization. The poorest nationals might be the ones who lose most.

Donald M. Snow, 2010, Cases in international relations, 4th edition, Longman.

From this book there are many cases of international political economy which is helping me to understand the contribution of globalization to the world in past decades. It discussed the free trade of WTO, the rising power of China, the economic globalization of India and Venezuela and the integration of European Union. It illustrated the...
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