Globalization and Obesity in India

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Globalization: A Benefit to the Worlds Health?
Obesity in the Philippians and India

Globalization has brought many positive benefits to the non-Western cultures of the world. However when it comes to importing Western foods to these cultures the impact on health has proven to be a big negative especially in the urban areas of developing countries including the Philippians and India. Changes in dietary patterns over the last 15 years, especially among the more affluent population of these cultures have resulted in increases in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. This is partially due to the urbanization of these countries. More people are living in urban areas for the opportunity it affords them with better jobs and a better lifestyle brought on by globalization. Because people have moved to the urban areas where globalization is in full swing, the sedentary, easily obtainable life style exists. Prepared foods are quicker and easier for families where both parents work and exercise has decreased due to the increase in electronic entertainment. The impact of this resulted in the creation of the very wealthy and the very poor. I will focus on the food consumption of the affluent of the two countries. The diet of the Philippians and India prior to globalization was based on what was native to their respective environments. In the Philippians, rice, fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken are the mainstays. They are prepared by either boiling or sautéing.³ In India the mainstay is rice along with the consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Non Communicable Diseases Country Profiles, 2011 of India and the Philippians, the increase in obesity and their co-morbidities has increased by 20% and 23% respectively since 1980 and the WHO predicts a rise in world obesity to 80% by 2030.² India

July of 1991 marked the globalization of India. The economy was suffering from a financial crisis due to record low...
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