Globalization and Business It

Topics: International trade, Globalization, Developing country Pages: 5 (1651 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Reflective Writing Exercise
What are Globalization and Business IT? Most of people must be familiar with IT, which is widely known it as the entire telecommunications system based on computer realizing multiple functions such as storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating data. However, what is exactly Globalization? Is it proper to identify Globalization with Americanization or Europeanization? Maybe to be bolder, with the rapid growth of manufacturing industry in China, numerous products are labeled made in china, and therefore can we name it as Chinization? Why do we juxtapose Globalization and Business IT together as a course or major? What is the special relationship between them? Do you believe that the speedy development of IT enhances the Globalization? Through the introduction of the course in the first three weeks, I think we have obtained the basic answers to all the questions above. In this essay, I will target these items: they are Globalization, IT, Global Business and Global Trade. In the mean time, I will summarize their influences upon our life, esoecially the positive and negative effects brought about by Globalization. First of all, from my point of view, Globalization can be stated roughly based on President Clinton’s words that” the world without walls”; more specifically, it is a general definition for the procedure of integration from every part of the world due to the frequent communication, exchange and connection among human-beings. The exchanging practice contains information, view, goods, and even culture. Advanced information technology is the main driving force to have boosted those exchanging activities during the last two decades. In another words, telecommunications system and Internet are the main elements for globalization in both economic and cultural aspect. Furthermore, globalization is such a popular word that it is not only restricted the domain of business, but also extends its implication to our daily life. Take movies for examples, every day we turn on the TV or go to a cinema, we enjoy the movies from different parts of the world. The famous movie producers are Hollywood, Bollywood, so is Asian film industry. Same situation happens in sports, education, fashion and food as well. You can taste Chinese food without traveling to China; you can eat Pizza without actually going to Italia. Just imagine how many McDonald’s restaurants there are in the world. Obviously, globalization has influenced our life in a revolutionary way. In the mean time, the global business and global trade rise in response to the proper time and conditions. If we focus on the concept of the global business or trade, they are both business transactions across national barriers. The business world started to reform 20 years ago; development in communication and information technology changed the way people did business completely. The information transfers instantly and the world becomes smaller and smaller. For example, we set up on-line meeting instead of a face-to-face one; we do not need heavy volumes of documents to store every piece of data, but use email, on-line system to send files, timetable, pictures and even videos and so on. Most importantly, we design the information systems to adapt and reform the business infrastructures and the processes of how to do the business. We deal the trade through cell phone, certain use of system, and also personal computer. These innovations combine to finish a platform for global business and trade. During the global business, IT plays a dominated role indeed. Detail this: we use laptops, smart phones, Ipad, Internet E-commerce, Skype, on-line money transfer and Wifi on a daily basis. These are all useful tools for us to conduct business; in the same time, they all belong to IT field. Nowadays, global business benefits from advanced technology a lot. First of all, there is no doubt that high technology help with cost and time reduction. For...
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