Topics: European Union, International trade, Globalization Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Globalization in simple words means go global or international. It is also an interaction between a country with other country in developing their global economy. Based on globalization is the worldwide movement integration. The word of integration does not refer to business only; it also involved integration of the technology, cultures, political, and economics. The integration can see from positive side or negative side. Positive integration happen when countries agree in standardized their international rules and regulations. For example, through globalization countries can have similar tariff policies. This will make the trading activities among these countries a lot easier. However in the negative side of this integration, by having globalization means the breaking down of trade barriers. Many researches have been done to study the effect of globalization, whether globalization bring positive or negative effects to the country. From my point of view, I believe that globalization has contributed a lot in increasing economics activities in the country. For instance Malaysia, globalization has brought up Malaysia to the global market very well. Thus, globalization should be encouraged from time to time in the process of developing the economy of the country. Later on I will provide with several points why globalization should be encouraged. We can see in many countries in the world globalization has improve their international trade. For example the import and export activities. This activities became one of important contributions towards economic of countries. Increasing in import and export activities will increase the value of the currency thus it will increase the GDP of the countries. International trade has made the potential market of any products extensive. Example the Malaysian food industry can be export across to the other part of the world such as Russia, Switzerland or Brazil. Many industries rely on international trade as...
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