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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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The ‘global governance’ term is used to denominate all standardization designed for centralization and organisation of human societies on a global scale (Hugo). However, Rosenau see global governance as an intention order that is required for the management of interdependence in an inexistent of political power. Another main issue in globalization is there are greater numbers of rules and regulation set upon business, in the global market-place. However, there is a need for international governance institutions to apply rules and standards into economic activity, so it enables a country to cooperate and anticipate in response to global challenges. According to Scholte, the global governance is remaining weak in enhancing current needs for global public policy and monitoring the complexities of global business. There are three overviews of perspective on the role of state which are hyperglobalist, skeptical and anti-globalisation. According to hyperglobalist, the current marketplace has more control over the world economy than by governments. The reason is that the fact of market mechanisms is functioning more rational than government. Hyperglobalist also believe that as a whole, the power of individual governments is less powerful and the globalisation has caused the ability of individual governments to manage the economy are being weaken. As for skeptical, these people view today globalisation process as more by regionalized and fragmented than globalized .Sceptics also view today world is not a single market anymore, but it is the cooperation of trade between nations and expansion of the regional economic sector. Lastly, according to Puhanic,A., anti-globalists see a world where many people are being congested out by the power of big corporations, which follow the short-term profitability above the fulfilment of important needs, such as poverty reduction, human rights and care for the environment. Apart from that, anti-globalists also feel that the...
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