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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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The impact of digital media on globalisation

That D&G advert you saw on the back of the bus today is the very same advert that will most likely be seen in Oman on the side of a building today. We can all agree that the world today is a much smaller place than it used to be. Our generation today as well as the generation before us experience this world we call home in an entirely diferent way than our grand parents. For example, communicating internationally has never been as easy, thanks to new media platforms you can check in with the family member that lives in a little village in Kenya in the matter of seconds with a video call. As an investor you can check how your stocks are performing and get real time information. It could be said that digital media has the power to cross cultural gaps, bring people closer together and in many ways make our lives as global citizens and consumers much more convenient. Globalisation is a phenomenon that has come to reality through the increasing technolgy of new communation methods. Some would argue that digital media alone is the prerequisite and facilitator for all other forms of globalisation. Through digital media, major corporations are able to communicate with the masses all over the world as they choose; increasing the people they reach and the markets they affect and enter. Digital media is also used to homogenize views in the world; for example, the idea that democracy is the best system for all countries is perhaps the most signficant in this case. The power of digital media is beyond measureble and as we are fed with images all over the world on a daily basis, it would be difficult to comprehend how much this really does subconciously affect the way in which we make choices on a daily basis. A girl in Oman going shopping could buy the exact same items as a girl shopping on Oxford Street in London. Why is this? You could argue that this is only down to one thing: digital media! Because of the images of...
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