Global Warming Should Be Stopped

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  • Published : February 23, 2014
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People are all carrying an umbrella when they step out of house as they cannot stand the blistering heat. This is caused by global warming, isn't it? Global warming has resulted many negative effects and they are mainly caused by human activities. Hence, we, humans should stop global warming.

Human activities produces 75% of annual carbon dioxide emissions. Firstly ,the greenhouse gases has caused temperatures to increase. Since 1861, the average temperature has increased by 0.6 Degree Celsius. Scientists believe that, by 2100. there would be a 4-6 Degree Celsius increase in temperature and a 5-9 centimeter sea level increase. As the temperature increases, ice bergs would start melting and homes of Polar Bears and Penguins will be destroyed. There will also be an increase in sea level, hence low lying places such as Maldives and Singapore are at risk.

Secondly, an increase in temperature would result in some areas experiencing more extensive and severe droughts. This will result in a decrease in yield of crops and there will be lesser income. With lesser food, there will be a stronger competition for it. Other than droughts, there will also be storms. Heavier storms would result in flooding and destruction of crops or buildings.

Last but not least, some plants and animals are unable to withstand the heat. Plants have an optimal temperature to grow at, if the temperature increases too much, they cannot grow anymore. Also, some animals must live at low temperatures, an increase in temperature might results in them unable to reproduce or eat. If this goes on, plants and animals may soon extinct.

To sum up, global warming must be stopped or there will be undesirable effects not only on humans, but also on flora and fauna.
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