Topics: Global warming, Earth, Transport Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 19, 2013; [2011 Nov 28, cited 2013 Feb 5] . Available from: gory/global-warming-101/ This website will be useful because there are different articles written by different scholars that talk about the different aspects of global warming. The information on the website is not only presented in a scholarly way but there are also times where the authors cite the information that they present. This website will be used for background information on global warming that will give me a better platform to speak on the issue of global warming.

Kluger J. 2006. Earth at the Tipping Point: Global Warming Heats Up. Time Magazine [cited 2013 Feb 5].Available from:,9171,1176980,00.html This Time Magazine article published in 2006 talks about how we can tell that Global Warming is affecting the Earth in negative ways. It goes on to talk about how humans are helping to speed along the processes of global warming and what humans can do to attempt to slow down global warming. This article gets more into my focus on global warming of the human impact on global warming while also giving adequate background details.

Walsh B. 2012. Now Do You Believe in Global Warming?. Time Magazine [Internet]. [2012 Jul 10, cited 2013 Feb 5]. Available from:,8599,2119129,00.html This Time magazine article talks about the extremes of global warming, from the very cold winter of 2010 to the extreme heat of 2012. The article goes on to talk about how global warming is adversely affecting the people of the United States through forest fires and by living in lands that have been scorched by the continually rising temperatures. This article does a very good job addressing the skeptics of global warming and shows them proof of global warming.

How we know human activity is causing warming [Internet]. Environmental Defense Fund; [cited 2013 FEB 5] . Available from:...
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