Global Warming Script

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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Kaplan University

Theme: Global Warming

This is a conversation between Peter, an 8 year old boy and his mother, Mary. Peter and Mary are having dinner in the dining hall at home.

|Peter |Mum, I was watching Nat Geo this afternoon and there was this show which showed how the polar bears are dying | | |because it seems that their houses are melting away. The polar bears looked so sad. They travelled miles and miles | | |and yet were unable to find food. The show said that the houses of polar bears are disappearing due to global | | |warming. What exactly is global warming? | |Mary |Well Petey, global warming refers to the rise in global temperatures. The polar bears are losing their homes because| | |the ice in their habitat is melting away at a very fast rate due to global warming. | |Peter |Why does global warming occur? | |Mary |You see, the atmosphere is made up of many different types of gases that help to control the temperature on Earth. | | |However, human activities have brought air pollution and thus caused an increase in composition of carbon dioxide as| | |well as other poisonous gases in the air. As a result, these gases trap heat in the atmosphere to result in the rise| | |in global temperature. | |Peter |I see, what do you mean by human activities which bring about air pollution? | |Mary |We are not always very kind to Mother Earth in our daily activities. For example, when you watch excessive...
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