Global Warming Essay

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Emily Braaten
11 March 2013
RELS 247: T and Th @ 11
Lester Brown and Ronald Bailey Response Paper
One can both compare and contrast the worldviews of Lester Brown and Ronald Bailey concerning the degree of the current, global economic crisis. They both are concerned with food security being the biggest threat to our current situation. The preface and first chapter of Lester Brown's Plan B. focuses on the different reasons for the supply and demand of food, how these reasons connect to nature and society's relationship with it, a prediction of how exactly an actual decline will take place, and a plan that could, in theory, prevent any further damage from taking place. Brown seems to center his thoughts about the supply and demand of food around grain and it's ability to be the base of agricultural prosperity. He links the grain epidemic to soil erosion and other climate issues and establishes it as the root of all farming and food consumption. He also calls to attention how the grain shortage can effect the United State's relations with other countries as money and supplies continue to be borrowed from it's fellow nations. According to Brown, National Debt will rise in correlation with environmental damage due to the fact that the flat rate of all agricultural products is being promoted as less than the actual price of the entire production process. A theoretical solution Brown proposes contains for components. These include cutting carbon emissions, stabilizing population growth, eradicating poverty, and restoring the earths natural systems. He believes that all the problems that need to be faced can be dealt with using existing technologies. Ronald Bailey offers his response to Brown's worldview of food security in an article titled, “Never Right, But Never in Doubt.” Bailey questions Brown's credibility in his opinion that the rising food shortage will soon affect our global civilization. Bailey calls to the reader's attention that there...
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