Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Methane Pages: 7 (1954 words) Published: May 16, 2013
I. Introduction about global warming.
1. What global warming is.
2. General views on global warming.
II. Some global warming causes.
1. Using transportation and burning fuels.
2. Deforestation
3. Landfills
4. Population
III. Effects
1. Rising sea level.
2. Drought and flood.
3. Weather patterns changes.
4. Ecosystem
IV. Solutions
1. Stop deforestation
2. Use public transportations
3. Plant forests
4. Developing low carbon technologies.
5. Propagandize
6. Switch off gadgets when not in use
V. Conclusion

Nowadays global warming is the hot topic which is discussed many times and times. Obviously there is no one magic solution to the problem of global warming. People are facing with many problems from global warming. It is nearly to the rate of alarming, therefore people should pay more attention to environment if they don’t want to disappear because of losing soil, rising sea level, melting ice, and animals extinction. So, recognizing global warming is an urgent problem I decide to choose it as a topic for my essay. My essay will conclude 5 parts about global warming: introduction about global warming, its causes, effects, solutions and conclusion. Certainly, my essay could make a mistake or lack of information, I expect that you could give your comment and suggestion for me to make my essay full and completed. I. Introduction about global warming.

1. What is global warming?
For sure, you have heard a lot of about global warming in recent years. However I will give you more information about it. Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. It has begun since the late 19th century and its projected continuation. Since the early 20th century, Earth's mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring since 1980. It is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation… 2. General view on global warming.

There are different views over what the appropriate policy response to climate change should be. These competing views weigh the benefits of limiting emissions of greenhouse gases against the costs. In general, it seems likely that climate change will impose greater damages and risks in poorer regions. Although there have many views on it, almost of them show that global warming is caused mainly by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases. People should have solutions to this problem. II. Global warming causes

 Global warming is an overall state of existence that is the cumulative effect of hundreds of environmental factors. All of these join together in both a linear and random model to show global warming as a chain of events. The primary cause of global warming is Carbon Dioxide emissions. Besides, we must count to methane. Because the molecular structure of Methane makes it 20 times as powerful a Greenhouse gas than CO2.  Actually, they can’t not be harmful for environment their selves if people do not impact on them. Let’s see the graph below about the carbon dioxide level rising in recent years.

In 1950, CO2 level equals 0, but in 2005 it increased dramatically. Rising level of CO2 is affected by main people ‘activities. There are many causes but I will only list some activities affecting rising CO2 below: 1. Using transportation and burning fuels.

As you know everyday billions of vehicles release various gases into the atmosphere. This causes earth to warm up and increase its average temperature. Moreover, fossil fuels are burnt for example; coal is burnt to produce electricity. Coal is the major fuel that is burnt in these power plants. Coal produces around 1.7 times as much carbon dioxide per unit of energy when flamed as does natural gas and 1.25 times as much as oil....
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