Global Warming: Is It to Late to Save Our Earth

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Methane Pages: 5 (1750 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Global Warming: Isit to late to save our Earth?

Global warming is a major cause of concern for today’s world. The effects of global warming are so dangerous that this issue has to be addressed immediately and the risks have to be minimized, even if they cannot be avoided totally. Global warming can be addressed as the increase in the temperature of the near surface atmosphere and the oceans. This will lead to large amounts of land vanishing into the ocean and the disappearance of many vegetation and wildlife. The effects of global warming can be minimized only through the continuous, committed and well planned efforts of the social community. The steps taken now can rightly minimize the effects and show improvements over the next two decades. Reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases and Industrial waste minimization are just some of the issues that have to be addressed seriously. Environmentalism can cure our plant by fighting against the struggles of pollution, waste generation, wildlife extinctions and other environmental destructions.

Global warming occurs mainly due to a concept called “Green House Effect”. There are certain gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane that are called “Greenhouse gases”. These gases trap the energy from the sun, especially the infra-red rays and in turn warm up the earth’s surface. Without these gases, heat would have escaped back into space and the earth would have been colder by around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The warming of the earth’s surface and the oceans is directly proportionate to the concentration of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the last one hundred years, the concentration of these gases has increased tremendously due to large scale burning of fossil fuels and rapid industrialization. This has accelerated global warming, which in the future will lead to the submergence of land masses into the sea, extinction of certain vegetation and wildlife, and the occurrence of natural tragedies.

The Human population, trying to make their life more comfortable and sophisticated is the major reason for global warming. The rapid advancements made in science and technology has led to massive industrialization and large scale use of automobiles. The greenhouse gases generated through this have become responsible for this global warming. Some of the important reasons are “Fossil fuels are burnt in large scale to run automobiles and in this process a lot of carbon dioxide is evolved. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 280 ppm to 360 ppm in the past sixty years” (Key Issue: Global Warming 5). This is one of the biggest reasons for global warming. “Our factories, power plants, and cars burn coal and gasoline, pumping millions of tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere” (Baird 2). Animal agriculture, for example breeding of cattle is a major source of methane which is around 21 times a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. “Methane is also generated in coal mines and landfills” (Update: Global Warming 6). Burning of fossil fuels in power stations, use of nitrogenous fertilizers, burning of animal and human wastes generates nitrous oxide which contributes to around 6% of Global Warming. Chlorofluorocarbons are generated by the excessive usage of refrigerators and air conditioners. These CFCs trap 10,000 times more heat than carbon dioxide. He CFC molecules survive for more than 110 years. These are very dangerous greenhouse gases.

Global warming might ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire Earth. If greenhouse effect goes unchecked, “the average temperature may rise as much as six degrees Fahrenheit over the next century” (Update: Global Warming 1). Some of the major effects are, first the rise in temperatures would be more in the Polar Regions than in the tropics. This will cause the icebergs in the Polar region to melt down and increase the sea levels....
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