Global Strategy

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The questionnaire will be used solely for academic purpose. The objective of this study is to determine m-commerce usage Rate and behaviors in North South University. A study conducted on students those are reading in North South University.

1. a) Name ____________________________________________ b) Age _______ c) Occupation ______________

2. Rank your maximum purchase (1st as mostly used, 3rd as least used) mode of transaction in terms of amount? a. Credit Cards……….
b. M- Commerce……….
c. E-Commerce………..
d. Cash…......
3. Last time ,you bought ticket (may be train, air, bus etc) by which mean? a. By Going counter
b. by black market
c. By Mobi-cash
d. By any private company
4. Which of the above mentioned M-commerce services have you used and how frequently? _______________________________________________________________ (In case of more than one separate by commas) FREQUENCY: 1-2 times only

Once a month
Once a week
Use whenever I get the chance or have the money to use them 5. Bkash will actually be able to remove middle man in terms of money transfers as they show in their ads”-to what extent do you agree with this statement? a) Strongly Agree

b) Agree
c) Neutral
d) Disagree
e) Strongly Disagree
6. Posting Privacy policy of the M-Commerce providers would help you get more comfortable sharing your information.

a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Neutral
d) Disagree
e) Strongly Disagree

7. In the following, which purpose do you use m-commerce more: a) Sports news
b) Ringtone downloads
c) Flexi-transfer
d) Donation
e) Online shopping
f). Bill Pay Services

8) What are the chief barriers to expansion of m-commerce in Bangladesh? a) High Cost
b) Lack of Tech Suaveness
c) Lack of information about the benefits of...
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