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Environmental Management refers the process of understanding, adapting, and dealing with the changes in the environment of the organization. The environment of an organization consists of the conditions, circumstance, and influences that affect the firm’s ability to achieve its objectives. Every organization exists in an environment has both external and internal component. The environment which exists within the organization is the internal environment. Internal environment refers to the conditions[->0], entities[->1], events[->2], and factors[->3] within an organization that influence[->4] its activities[->5] and choices[->6], particularly the behavior[->7] of the employees[->8]. Factors that are frequently considered part of the internal[->9] environment include[->10] the organization's[->11] mission statement[->12], leadership[->13] styles[->14], and its organizational culture[->15]. The environment that exists outside the firm is known as the external environment. External environment refers to the conditions[->16], entities[->17], events[->18], and factors[->19] surrounding an organization[->20] that influence[->21] its activities[->22] and choices[->23], and determine[->24] its opportunities[->25] and risks[->26]. Managers are assets in a company that carries out many activities that helps an organization to adapt to the changes in the environment that affect the firm’s ability to reach its goals. But as the world changes, a manager should be competitive enough to meet the needs of the global market. To be able to further understand not only the definition of a “Global Professional Manager”, as well as its roles, functions, responsibilities, the group interviewed two individuals from two different companies, one is local, and the other is international. The group decided to pick these two dissimilar companies, so we can plainly examine how these managers execute their roles, responsibilities and functions in the organization they belong as well as to differentiate their practices and information, considering they are from a local and international organization.

Philippine Christian Literature, Inc.
(Local Company)


Name of Company: Philippine Christian Literature, Inc.
Head Off. Address:568 Sierra Madre St., Mandaluyong City
Tel. No.:+63(2) 477-35-61
Telefax :+63(2) 532-53-55
Nature of Business:Christian Literature Distribution
Product:Christian / Religious Books, Bibles, Gospel
Music, Church Supplies, Novelties (Table decors, Posters, Stickers, Bookmarks, Cards, Frames, Wall decors, Bible covers and t-shirts) with inspirational text emphasis and etc. Area Coverage:53 branches nationwide spread in NCR, North & South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, with

branches strategically located in Malls and
shopping centers.
Customers :Corporate & Christian Organizations.
Business Philosophy:Quality Books, Quality Service.


Ms. Ma. Editha A. Panopio
HR & Admin. Manager

Mr. Michael V. Calingacion
HR & Admin. Supervisor

Human Resources & Administration Department
Philippine Christian Literature, Inc.
568 Sierra Madre St., Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. - +63(2) 477-35-61

MICHAEL V. CALINGACION 568 Sierra Madre St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

Cell. Nos. +63909-774-7256 & +63915-651-1929
E-mail add.


To secure a challenging position in a stable and progressive organization where I could effectively contribute to its over-all growth. Likewise, I look forward to opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Has several years work exposure in the following areas: Recruitment, Benefits Administration (Company and Government...
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