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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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4. Jointly promotion
(1) Types of joint promotion done with export agent.
Joint promotion involves sharing that costs with someone else. No company or charity wants to do this for you without getting something in return. The secret of joint promotions is establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. Joint promotions are defined by two fundamental factors. It bring together organizations in different markets that share a common set of customers, and they give participants real commercial benefit that each side is anxious to realize for the other. The joint promotion done with the export agent in Network Foods industries Sdn. Bhd. is divides by two aspects. That is above the line (ATL), and below the line (BTL). ATL use mass media methods. ATL involves the use of advertising to reach a mass audience. It is mainly used to reach consumers but it can be used in B2B markets. Advertising creates general brand awareness. This type of promotion focuses on advertising to a large audience. Examples of the ATL done by this company export agent are television, billboard, main screen media, ASTRO and newspaper. Television not only provides us programs to watch. Besides that, it has advertising time to enhance customer product knowledge towards purchasing. In Malaysia, television channel has many such as NTV 7, 8 TV, TV 3, RTM1 and etc. This is the way and chance to let customer know about product that manufactured by Network Foods Industries Sdn. Bhd. For instance the chocolate manufactured by Network Food industries Sdn. Bhd. is CRISPY, TUDOR GOLD, kandos, Tango, and Soreign. Besides that, ASTRO is one of the choices of this company in ATL. ASTRO has more channels compared with television. It can spread the news in speedy. BTL is very specific, memorable activities focused on targeted groups of consumers. They are under the control of the organisation. This involves a range of methods over which the business has more direct control and which can be targeted at specific...
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