Global Justice

Topics: Human rights, Law, United Nations Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Ofir Azran
Political science
Professor Bevans
January 9th 2012

Essay no 3.

Global Justice became a major concern for the western states in the last decade. Increased international interaction, especially in social media, has given people the chance to interact with each other from all around the world. Aristotle once said “man is by nature a social animal.” We feel the need to interact with each other exactly because we’re human beings. Our interaction and communication seems to be an emotional rather than rational experience. One can claim that we might feel the need to relate and identify with another human being. This in fact is what makes us form communities and nations, basing it on our collective memory and shared identity. I believe that this is the true path to global justice. Even though non-relational theory holds true ideally, in practice only by relating to other people we would feel the need to uphold their basic human rights. The internet gave people of different nations and cultures share their lives and experiences with each other. This interaction is what makes the Syrian uprising under Bashar Al Assad so different then the uprising of 1980’s under his father’s rule with more and more countries calling him to step down. Human rights violations become important upon receiving a lot of publicity from the media. However, it concerns us especially now because of the part we have taken in the global community on social networks. The global community helps exert additional pressure on governments or organization committing human rights violations. It helps generate ideas and mobilize movements that further pursue the human rights agenda. There is no better time to be concerned about Global Justice now while it’s extremely popular and so much change can occur. However, there are two major concerns when trying to uphold human rights. The one being what should be considered human rights? Furthermore, how should the global community decide on...
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