Global Diversity: The Answer to Globalization

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  • Published : March 2, 2008
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"Diversity and inclusion is a key business imperative for us. The rich tapestry of our customers, markets, employees, and suppliers reflect the diverse nature of our global business." – Antonio M. Perez, Kodak Chairman and CEO

What is globalization? It is a process of increasing global connectivity and integration between nation-states, households/individuals corporations and other organizations. It refers to an increased interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, political, and ecological field. There have been many approaches on how to deal correctly with globalization but of the many approaches created in past decades, Global Diversity is the answer for globalization. Global Diversity promotes agricultural, biological and cultural diversity around the world and in order for globalization and global diversity to go hand-in-hand it requires education, research and hard work to make things run smoothly.

Many believe that globalization will lead to the destruction of cultures in many nations because they will no longer be unique, instead they would be a homogenized nation which will no longer value traditional cultures. Yes, it is true that homogenization is related to globalization but through a global diversity approach, it will be inevitable for cultures to come in contact with new forms of living. One factor that global diversity promotes is cultural diversity which allows for the integration of new ideas from abroad to be assimilated to the traditional culture of nations. With the spread of new ideas people from less-developed nations will at have some knowledge as to how to improve their lifestyle. New ideas could be economically, technologically, politically and/or socially related; therefore each community with their own culture would be gaining knowledge from the outside world by allowing the mixture of cultures. People will learn new languages, new customs, new values, new ways to live and all the meanwhile enlightening...
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