Global Context of Nursing Paper: Light Pollution

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Global Context of Nursing Paper: LIGHT POLLUTION

Global Context of Nursing Paper
NURS 4100 Section M
March 31, 2010
York University

Global Context of Nursing Paper: Light Pollution
Over the past decade evidence has been mounting that excessive outdoor lighting is not only an aesthetic issue, but a potentially hazardous environmental one as well (Berg, 2009). Research has shown that excessive lighting is directly responsible for the exponentially growing problem of light pollution (Chepesiuk, 2009). The negative effects of light pollution have been well documented in humans, animals and the overall eco-system (Berg, 2009; Chepesik, 2009). In fact, a compelling amount of epidemiological evidence points to a consistent association between exposure to excessive light and a plethora of related health ailments. Luckily, according to Berg (2009), light pollution is one of the easiest pollutants to reduce. As such, it is imperative that immediate steps be taken in eradicating this solvable issue, as disregarding it will only exacerbate the effects it has on us and the non-human citizens of our planet. The following paper will explore the issue of light pollution, based on the frameworks, analyses, discussions, and evaluations embedded in the philosophy of this course. It will discuss the issue, evaluate it based on the global context of nursing and conclude with our intentions for action.

As nurses comprise of the largest group of healthcare providers, it is imperative that they continuously strive to improve health within the global community (Leuning, 2001). As today’s world is extremely fast paced and ever changing, in order for nurses to fully participate within the current healthcare arenas, they too must adapt to the ever changing dynamics of this world. The present challenge for nurses lies in the fact that nursing education must create teaching-learning environments which facilitate the emergence of the global perspective and the awareness of the interconnectedness between us, and the other inhabitants of this world. As such, Leuning (2001) proposes her teaching-learning principles, derived from her conceptualizations, with the aim of facilitating this global perspective. The predominant principle pertaining to the issue of light pollution is the principle of peacemaking, as it speaks of respect for all others on this earth, as well as for the earth itself. According to Leuning (2001), despite the inherent differences within our belief and value systems, peacemaking assumes that people will nevertheless honor each other’s dignity, respect and use the Earth’s resources fairly and responsibly, as well as value all other life. As the issue of light pollution disregards all aspects of this principle, it is best illuminated here. As the greedy corporations around the world show utter disrespect and carelessness toward the human and non-human inhabitants of this world, by negatively impacting their health via lighting, the peacemaking principle is clearly omitted. Despite the noted damaging effects, people continuously choose to ignore the message behind this principle and consciously persist to damage the surrounding sentient life. Not only does light pollution attribute to the depletion of our resources, as a result of wasteful fossil fuel consumption (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2010), it also leads to many dysfunctions within the human body, as well as negatively impacts both animals and plants (Navara & Nelson, 2007; Longcore & Rich, 2004). In spite of these findings, those profiting from lighting continue to carry on, neglecting their responsibilities as the citizens of this world, and as such persist to harm the species and dishonour human dignity.

According to the Ottawa Charter (1986) and Jakarta Declaration (1997), certain fundamental resources and conditions must be initially in place, prior to health being present. Unfortunately, the issue of light pollution has created a...
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