Global Communication's Problems and Solutions

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Communication Pages: 4 (1150 words) Published: July 28, 2007

Global Communications (GC) organization has recently been through numerous troubles detrimental to its primary functions. Global Communication is a telecommunication company. Due to current economic conditions, telecommunications organizations are struggling to keep up with other industries. Their stock prices have fallen 50 % over a three-year period. The company has fixed costs that cannot be met, due to its lack of operating capital. Cost cuts made by the company include cutting healthcare and education benefits. Employee retention is another governing factor at the organization. The organizations should obtain and maintain a comprehensive understanding of cultural diversity within the workforce. Global Communications had to establish an appropriate benchmark of performance; therefore, the company will know when goals are not met. A significant increase in the efforts to develop the proposed globalization campaign perspective will provide alternative solutions to current organizational predicaments. A successful marketing campaign will increase company visibility and make more establishments aware of the services that (GC) provides. Introducing new marketing strategies will focus and promote the additional services offered by Global Communications. The new marketing strategy must focus on the targeted market of a revised company strategy, such as discounts for consumers using multiple services and business consumer's discounts for multiple lines and services. Establishing performance indicators can help the company monitor the ongoing progress of the outsourced labor. Employers must invest energy in resources to produce a variety of discrete strategies. When interlaced together, these various aspects create a comprehensive model for building and maintaining a coveted and stable workforce.

Problem Statement

Numerous problems plague the Global Communications (GC) organization, which can ultimately be detrimental to its...
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