Glass Castle

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What doesn’t kill you, only make you stronger
Through The Glass Castle, Jeannette shows the world how an impoverished, neglected girl grows into a successful author and wife. Jeanette, herself, is a living proof of ultimate success showing the world that no matter what situation you come from, ultimate success is completely possible. She starts out with memories from the time when she was as young as three along with the rest of her family, constantly on the move, deserted towns in the middle of the night "Rex Walls' style” and lived in numerous places, all the way up to her present-day. Throughout her life, Jeanette dealt with poverty, hunger, malnourishment, along with an alcoholic father and an unstable mother. But for Jeanette, the multiple horrific situations in her life only made her stronger, wiser, more loving and successful.

From the first page to the very last page of Jeanette’s memoir, Rex constantly let his daughter down; whether it was the time he broke his promise to stay off alcohol, or the time he brought her to a bar to distract the men so he could make money. However, Jeannette was the one that always forgave and believed in him until their very last day together. The last moment of Jeanette and Rex together proved just how much Janette loved and trusted her father despite the hardship he brought into the family and made her life a living chaos. Rex asked, “But you always loved your old man, didn’t you?” “I did, Dad” [Janette] said. “And you loved me.” (279) Their last conversation together ascertains her appreciation and trust in her father, as Rex winked and pointed his finger at Janette, asking the usual question, “Have I ever let you down?” He knew that there was only one way Janette could ever answer that question (279). And she did, she smiled like how she has been doing all those year, trusting him, believing in him. Her dad’s weakness did not leave her bitter; instead she rose over the occasion to love the man.

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