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Topics: Greater London Authority, Greenhouse gas, Recycling Pages: 6 (2362 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The Greater London Authority
The report focuses on powers ad responsibilities of the GLA and Mayor, literature review summarizing the policies which relate to the environment as introduced by the mayor in the last five years, analysis of the gap between policy, public policy initiatives and general practice among the public. A literature review summarizing the policies which relate to “the environment” introduced by the mayor in the last 5 years The GLA is a unique form of strategic citywide government for London. It is made up of a directly elected Mayor - and a separately elected Assembly. There are approximately 600 members of staff to help the mayor and the assembly with the duties. The Greater London Authority (GLA) appointed the mayor of London so that he could monitor the different departments of the authority. The mayor of London was assigned strategic roles and responsibilities to do with the GLA. The most important role of the mayor is to call attention to socio-economic growth and help the environment improve. The areas that the mayor is mostly in charge of are such things like, planning ways of improving the welfare of people living in London. The mayor has also set up budgets s for Greater London Authority and its subsidiary bodies they include London Development Agency (LDA), Transport for London (TFL), the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) and London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA). The mayor further appoints the boards of TFL and LDA. There are many issues in London concerning the environment. London aims to be the greatest city locally as well as globally. By doing this the Mayor wants to improve the environmental issues around the city such as the pollution, dealing with climate change, consumption of fewer resources as well as development of a low carbon economy, (Andrew, Duncan, Jessica & James, 2008) For this to happen the Mayor has put forward varies of strategies and policies to tackle these issues. One of the strategies the mayor has come up with is reducing the greenhouse gas emissions throughout London According to Dow (2009) the energy is made up of approximately 75% in London, 80.5% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world occur in these cities. In the UK, London uses up the most emission of 79.9%, that is around 44 million tonnes of Carbon dioxide. The percentage of this is expected to increase drastically die to the growth of the city and also because of the economic development. That is why reducing the greenhouse gas emission is one of the main priorities of the Mayor. The mayor hopes the carbon dioxide emission will go down to 65% by 2025. This can be done in a few ways; Firstly, one of the things that will be improved is the effectiveness of energy. Secondly, supply efficiency would be increased; and lastly, there will be growth of renewable energy sources. To further contribute to the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide, plans have been made to ensure that construction of buildings in the city meet the standards of the changing climate, (Greater London Authority, 2010). Another way to tackle the emission in the city, is by improving the transportation services, it is been suggested that the Mayor should make care free cities, this will not only reduce the greenhouse gas emission but also it will greatly reduce petroleum dependency, air pollution, automobile crashes, noise pollution, and traffic congestion. The second strategy is the London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, (Greater London Authority, 2010). The three main issues with this strategy that the mayor is concerned about is: to identify not just what is at risk but also who is at risk in the present periods inside the city, to identify how the change of climate will modify the risk of drought, flood and heatwave, and thirdly, clarification of what exactly will take place in order for these changes to happened and also who will be responsible for it Scientist reckon that, it is very...
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