Giuseppe Mazzini

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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1. when Italy was inspired by the french revolution of 1830 and the Patriots had revolted. Mazzini joined the movement most ethusiastically. 2. he was prisoned along with other patriots. for 6 months he was in the prison cell. 3. while in prison he came the conclusion that by following the principles of Carbonari the country could no be liberated. 4. he realized that it was impossible to do it till the Italian youth were not charged with the patriotism, sacrifice, moral character and vast capacities to endure pain. 5. he was exiled to France where he founded an organization in 1832 by the name of Young Italy 6. this young group turned out to be a military movement and started to fight for independence 7. Though Mazzini lived in France yet he could manage to distribute phamphlets contatining his new thoughts and principles among the Italian ethusiasist 8. his disciples increased in number, they were now in thousands and the Italians were convinced that their salvation lay in the revolutionary ideas, which alone could liberate them. 9. all other countries in Europe imitated his organization and they also established organizations such as Young England and Young Ireland. 10. This Young Italy under the leadership of Mazzini revolted against foreign forces to liberate their country at all costs. 11. At first they revolted in Milan and routed the Austrian army from there. Revolts blasted in the kingdom of Pope. Pope fled from his palace. The patriots established a republic in Rome. 12. Mazzini was invited to accept the post of president of the republic. 13. After some time Napoleon III sent his army to destroy the Roman Republic. the Army re-established the kingdom of Pope by defeating Mazzini and Garibaldi who fled away to America. 14. In 1860 revolts broke out several area of Italy and they were all inspired by Mazzini and Garibaldi. Still the revolts were not successful in their mission. 15. When the unification of Italy took place it did not please Mazzini and...
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