Gift of the Magi Remake

Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: January 14, 2013
The Gift of the Magi (Remake)

It was the day before Christmas when Della was walking through the shopping mall. She had recently been fired from her job at the KIA plant because she was blamed for something she did not do. She wanted to get her husband Jim something really nice for Christmas. Della looked in her pocket and pulled out some crumpled up dollar bills and coins; $3.65 to be exact. “Oh no,” she thought, “What am I going to do with this?” Della looked up at the stores full of nice gifts and presents; her favorite charm bracelet glistening in the sun. If only she had the money Oprah had, then Della could get Jim a really nice present.

Jim was a tall, frail man. He had a low paying job and struggled with bills, but he was very religious. He really wanted to do something special for Della this Christmas. Last week he was walking home when he brutally robbed of the little money that he had. He was now broke and upset because he knew he couldn’t get Della anything nice this year. All he had was his gold cross. He kept it with him at all times and made sure he always had it. Why couldn’t Todd Strange give him a good present to give to Della?

They lived in a small, one room apartment with very little furniture. They had to work extra hours just to pay the power bills. Della and Jim were obviously worried about Christmas tomorrow but neither said anything about it. They had a quiet dinner; Della staring blankly at the tiny TV that they had. They were a very close couple that would tell each other everything. They were also very loving.

That night, Della sat in her room and thought, “I want to get Jim a gold chain for his cross.” How would she get the money? As she sat there thinking, she glanced at her desk where her special charm bracelet sat. She knew what she had to do, but it was a big sacrifice. While she was in the room, Jim was in the kitchen doing the dishes. He didn’t want to not get her a nice gift on Christmas because he would feel...
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