Gift as a Curse

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  • Published : May 18, 2012
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Global Lit.

Opening gifts on a holiday morning is a treasured felling for most. But imagine that gift turned to be a horrible monster that destroyed everything. Then one would have a gift that was a curse. The contradictory statement previously stated is called as a paradox, a contradicting phrase that makes sense after deeper thought, and as one digest the statement of a gift becoming a curse you can really understand how true the statement is. So true in fact that it can be seen throughout history. In the ancient Greek polytheistic religion there were stories of said gifts. The gods sent the gifts, but not to men where often times gifts of heroism were sent, but to women. In specific three stories showed great insight on the topic, the stories of Pandora, Cassandra, and Helen. In the stories of Pandora, Cassandra, and Helen we find that women were often burdened with gifts that contained curses. Pandora was the first mortal woman on earth. She was very beautiful because all the gods had given her a special gift. While some had given gifts like beauty and grace what was most given was curiosity. After he creation she was paced on earth with a titan and handed a box by the head god Zeus and told not to open it. But her many gifts of curiosity pushed her to open the box. When she did the evils of the world were released. The only thing that remained was hope. In this case we find Pandora to have through a gift, that today is considered appealing, has no hurt not only her but also the world. Another interesting point is that a woman released the evils of the world. This shows Greek conception of women in that they cause the problem and curiosity in women is not a good trait. The story of Cassandra is that she was a very beautiful female fortuneteller. She was so gorgeous that she attracted the attention of one of the gods. The god asked her to marry him. When she refused he cursed her gift by making so that she was the only one who believed in her...
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