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Market position and strategy for KRAFT FOODS INC
According to Drucker, the vision answers to the question: ‘what do we want to become?’Kraft Foods' Mission Statement try to describe the firm’s vision for the future: ‘Helping People Around the World Eat and Live Better.’

The firm justifies the vision saying that this sentence captures the essence of who the firm is. It shows trough this sentence that the firm cares about customer’s life and needs facilitating the cook in the daily life in order to offer more time to the customers to do what they want and also to help them to easily eat in a more healthy way. According to Kraft web site:

‘We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas to improve our workplace, our partnerships, our communities and our world. To make today delicious, we begin with our consumers.
We listen, we watch and we learn.
What we do.
We make delicious foods you can feel good about.
According to Drucker, the mission answers to the question: ‘what is our business?’ The mission statement consists of three words according to the Kraft Foods Inc. Web site: ‘Make today delicious.’

Their mission reflects who they are, just like the vision. They refuse to limit the firm to be just a business that sells food and try to meet consumers' expectations and making food an easier, healthier, more enjoyable part of life. Kraft Foods underlines the importance of health and wellness and also embodies all the ways we can eat and live better, eating easily and quickly in an environment of safety thanks to the Kraft’ services. Values and principles:

According to Kraft’s web site, the firm uses values and principles to communicate customers what they can expect of the brand and to demonstrate their leadership, because they want to be recognized as a leading company able to attract customers and workers through ideas like: Innovation – Satisfying real-life needs with unique ideas Quality – Fulfilling a promise to deliver the best

Safety – Ensuring high standards in everything we make
Respect – Caring for people, communities and the environment Integrity – Doing the right thing
Openness – Listening to the ideas of others and encouraging an open dialogue They put consumers first because they want to strength the Brand Value propositions and new product innovations to drive faster top line growth. They work simply, listening to the customers, but act quickly to increase the speed and flexibility in order to reduce costs for reinvesting in “making famous” the brand & finding the right balance between the business’ and the employees’ needs to ensure that the work environment is flexible and supportive. Strategies

According to Kraft’s Web site, the firm seeks to become a huge snacks powerhouse and unrivalled portfolio of brands people love, eat and buy. According to an article of News Bites US Markets, 2010:

‘The brands of the Company span five consumer sectors: snacks, beverages, cheese, grocery and convenient meals’ As advised by F. David, Kraft focuses its strategy on the complementary nature the company’s portfolio which is supposed to lead the brand’s growth: Delight global snacks consumers.  The world’s Consumers are looking for on-the-go options because they are always in late for something in work or just life. They’re also looking for simple indulgences and healthier options, which is a paradox because people don’t have time to cook in a healthy manner but they have to be healthy for the work and thin in the daily life. Thus, Kraft provides delicious snacks to these consumers, like LU biscuits or wellness products in order to meet their expectations. These iconic heritage brands are loved by consumers all around the world, according to a Nexis Source: ‘Roughly 80 percent of these heritage brands hold number one or number two positions in their respective categories and are household names.’ In a leadership state of mind, the firm considers that, to win the market, the brand has to win on every levels of...
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