Get the Consumer to Feel Good About the Brand

Topics: Advertising, Sex in advertising, Emotion Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Effective Association: Get the consumer to Feel Good About the Brand. Advertisers want consumers to like their brand. They believe that brand liking leads to purchase. But rather than provide the consumer with hard reasons to like the brand. There are several well-known approaches to getting the consumer to like’s one brand. METHOD A: Feel-Good Ads.

These Ads are supposed to work through affective (feeling) association or pre-decision distortion. They are supposed to either link the good feeling elicited by the as with brand, or by leveraging the propensity for humans to distort information in the favor of liked brands without even knowing they are doing so. Although the actual theory and mechanics of this seemingly simple association are complex, the basic idea is that by creating ads with positive feelings, advertisers will lead consumers to associate those positive feelings with the advertised brand, leading to a higher probability of purchase. Recently, there has been progress in understanding the mechanisms involved in feel-good advertising. It is becoming clearer that thought and feelings are, at some basic level, separate systems. Feelings are believed to be a more “primitive” system. That is, they emanate from a part of the brain that responds quickly to stimuli the environment. So emotions are faster that thought, the affective (or feeling) ads may actually do better than thought-based ads that require a great deal of processing. Evaluation of feel-good ads is typically done by measuring attitude change via pre- and post- exposure tests, tracking studies, theater dial-turning test, and communication tests. Strategic Implications of Feel-Good Advertising:

1. Eager creative - Creatives win awards and advance their careers with this style of advertising. 2. May perform better in cluttered media environment.
3. May generate competing thoughts and connections.
Method B: Humor Ads
The goal of a humor ad is pretty much the same as that of other...
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