German Wine Industry Vocabulary

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German wine industry vocabulary

1.Briefly discuss the AP number. (5)

All Qualitätsweine bestimmter Anbaugebiete (QbA) and Qualitätsweine mit Prädikat (QmP), including Sekt have to carry an AP number. AP stands for Amtliche Prüfnumber and means quality control number. It proves that a wine has undergone and passed various tasting and analytical tests and its origin has been established to the board's satisfaction. When a producer pertains for an AP number, samples of the wine are kept by the board and the producer himself. In case of fault or fraud enquiry these samples are analyzed and checked against a sample of the product on the market that has given rise of protest or exploration.

The AP number is stricter than the EU Lot Number, but can be abused. Fines on this are imprisonment, a fine and a ban from operating for the company.

The first number (1-9) shows the examination board number, generally the German wine region of production/testing. The following three digits stand for the commune of the vineyard. After this, two digits give the sequential order that the wine was submitted by the producer for testing (bottler's application number). The final two digits give the year in which the bottler made the application which is in most cases one year after vintage.

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1.What do the following German wine terms mean (16)
Trocken is the German term for dry and denotes a wine in which all or most of the natural sugar has been fermented. According to wine law, wines with a maximum of 9 g/l of RS a maximum of 2 g/l less acidity than RS may be declared trocken

The German term Gemeinde (plural: Gemeinden) covers communes as well as Ortsteile. The latter are villages absorbed within the suburbs of a larger Gemeinde. Therefore a Gemeinde is

Weissherbst is a single-variety rosé produced from black grapes only. The variety must be...
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