German Cooking

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Germany cuisine is considered is considered to be very fatty. In ancient times Germany relied mostly on livestock, wild game, and simple herbs; such as parsley and dill, for food. At the beginning of the nineteenth century German cuisine was influenced by French and Italian cuisine, which offered new types of food and cooking styles to be adapted and changed into a unique German style of cooking. German cuisine in modern times using various meat and vegetables in cooking. Some meats include beef, sheep, goat, boar, rabbit, duck, turkey, pork, chicken, fish and goose. Some fish used in German cuisine are, carp, salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna and sardines, but the most popular used fish in German cuisine is trout. The Germans are also excellent sausage and bratwurst makers. German cuisine also utilizes many vegetables such as spinach, peas, carrots, broccoli, turnips many types of cabbages and spargel, or white asparagus. The Germans are also known worldwide for the beer making skills. They also have a festival known as Oktoberfest which is a celebration in which the many different breweries of Germany can show off and expose of their beers to the general public (I plan on going when I turn 21).

German cuisine is divided into four major regions Bavarian, Thuringian, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony. Bavarian Cuisine uses many types of meat and dumplings. Bavarian cuisine was developed by the wealthy dukes of Bavaria, one family in particular was the Wittelsbach family, is said to be the creators of this style of cuisine. Some traditional dishes of this cuisine include Hochzeitssupe, which is a soup made with chicken broth, shredded chicken, asparagus heads, small meatballs and noodles. Frikadeller, pan fried meat dumplings. Scheweinshaxe, roasted ham hock serve with sauerkraut and bratkartoffeln, fried potatoes. Bavarian cuisine is also known for its desserts one of which is Apfelstrudel, apple strudel. Also one of the important pastries creams used worldwide...
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