Research Paper: Culinary Contributions of Andrew Zimmern

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Culinary Contributions of Andrew Zimmern

May, 2013

Were you in Austin, Texas, this past weekend? If you were, you may have been lucky enough to attend an actual cooking class taught by the famous Andrew Zimmern! Andrew Zimmern was a guest speaker and teacher at the prestigious Austin Food and Wine Festival which is sponsored by Food and Wine Magazine. This annual weekend event draws chefs, sommeliers, wine makers and foodies from all across the United States (Austin Food and Wine Festival website, 2013). Zimmern taught three different classes at the festival; one class on grilling, one class entitled ‘Rock your Taco’, and the third class taught scrumptious recipes for preparing wild game birds, specifically, duck, pheasant and dove. Andrew Zimmern is a chef, a food writer, an award-winning television personality, and a lover of bizarre foods. How did Andrew Zimmern become so successful and what, if anything, is his contribution to the culinary world?

Andrew Zimmern comes from a Jewish family and he was raised in New York City (Shalom Life Interview, 2012). In a 2012 interview with internet site, Shalom Life, Andrew says that some of his first-loved foods were dishes prepared by his Jewish grandmother. Andrew is very interested and accepting of other cultures and he feels that we have a lot to learn from experiencing the wildly different foods of other cultures (Shalom Life Interview, 2012). Andrew Zimmern has been through some tough times, though. He went through a period of drug and alcohol addiction, and he was homeless for about a year. In 1992, he moved to Minnesota and checked himself into a drug and alcohol treatment center. Thankfully, he was able to overcome his addiction and become the great role model that he is today. He currently volunteers at that drug and treatment center where he was helped so greatly. Culinary Contributions

One of Andrew’s newest books is titled “Andrew Zimmern’s Field Guide to...
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