George Washington: Better General or President?

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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George Washington: Better General or President?
In response to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson said, “We sir, Cannot do without you.” Everyone knows George Washington was America’s first president. He has been called the father of the country, the indispensible man, and America’s own Moses. Many will agree that George Washington was a great leader and general; this reviewer even had a hard time finding opposing opinions. Therefore, was George Washington a better General or President?

Washington reluctantly took the position as America’s first president in 1789. He was the first and only president to be unanimously elected and reelected. It was said that Washington was elected because he was trustworthy, courageous, tall, charming, and honorable. Washington believed in following the Constitution. He was basically responsible for creating the government that America still lives and abides by today. He believed that Congress’s job was to make the laws and that it was the president’s job to carry out and enforce them. Washington understood the power of trust and respect. In events such as the French Revolution and the signing of the Jay Treaty, the people did not initially agree with Washington’s decision. Still, Washington trusted that the people would come back to him and understand; he was right. Compared to later presidents, Washington was far from impressive. He had never been to Europe, knew no foreign languages, had little former education, and was not a great writer or speaker. He basically had to be put into a class by himself. Washington hated dividing into groups, and rarely took sides. George Washington was just an all-around good person. He had great character, morals, and the respect of most americans. Henry T. Tuckerman once said about Washington, “The world has yet to understand the intellectual efficiency derived from moral qualities- how the candor of an honest, clearness of an unperverted mind attains results beyond the mere...
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