Geopolitical Models

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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Review Paper: Geopolitical Models

Since the twentieth century, the geopolitical concept has evolved and developed. Geopolitics is the attempt to explain international politics in terms of geography, which includes location, size, and resources of places. It tries to describe the relationship between geographic space, resources, and foreign policy. One of the most talented geographers and politicians who made this discipline evolve is Sir Halford John Mackinder. Through his researches and international work, he developed a geopolitical model that explains how a specific geography of the globe is depicting the world foreign policy. However, is there only one geopolitical model to describe the world politically? Or are there other models with different concept? What are the common and different points between those models? Finally, what is the most adequate geopolitical model to our current era? The deep study of the three following articles will give us the knowledge required to address these inquiries. “Revenge of Geography”, which was writing in 2009 by Robert D. Kaplan, will be contrasted with a second article titled “Clash of Civilization”, written in 1993 by Samuel P. Huntington. A third article, titled “Has the History Started Again?”, will bring supporting ideas into the review analysis.

First of all, Robert Kaplan has found a way to wrap several geographers and politicians’ work to submit his own ideas. These explain world’s conflict trough the important role played by geography. Although his theory of a conflict on a global scope, he provides us with examples on the “shattered zones”, as well. These zones are especially regions located between different civilizations. However, a big part of his work is based on Sir Halford John Mackinder’s theory of “pivot and adjacent marginal zones” around the globe. This theory consists of a concept that states that most important region in the globe is the heartland of Eurasia quoted as “the pivot”, and the rim...
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