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Topics: Demography, Population, Birth rate Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: March 29, 2013

Location: situated in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2400 kilometres off the South East Coast of Africa. Area: 2040km2
Climate: tropical
Soils: fertile
1,094,000 people (1992).
Estimated to be 1,365,000 people in the year 2025.
Population growth rate: 1.45%
Population doubling time: 47.8 years
Fertility rate: 2.17 per woman.
Birth rates: 21 births per thousand
Death rates: 21.7 deaths per thousand
Infant mortality rates: 20.4 deaths per thousands
Contraceptives use: 75.4% of married women
Life expectancy: 60.40 (in 1970s)
Religions: Muslim, Catholics, Hindus and Creoles.
Arable land and fish.
Agriculture: sugar cane, tea, corn, coffee, potatoes, bananas, pulses, cattle, goats, rice and fish. ECONOMY
Exports: sugar (32%), garments (31%), plastics (32%), and others (5%) Tourism

Mauritius was facing “Malthusian Crisis” in 1950s when the relationship between its population and resources become unbalanced. A sharp decline in the death rate followed by a rise in birth rate meant increased pressure in the economy, which was almost totally reliant on sugar production. REASONS FOR HIGH BIRTH RATES

* Early marriage therefore fertility rates remained high. * Low status of women; women role are meant they remained tied to home * Lack of family planning due to low level of education among the women * Religious point of view that are against contraceptives; abortion. Especially Muslim, Catholics. ACTION TAKEN

* Improve the social position of the people
* Educate the women thus improve the women’s status
* Restrict early marriage
* Provide better health care and facilities for the people * Encourage emigration
* Set up an integrated family planning service
* Introduce other forms of contraceptives other than abortion RESULTS
The attempted only succeed for a short period of time in the 1950s. The birth rates...
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