Geo Strategic Importance of Pakistan

Topics: Islam, South Asia, Afghanistan Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: September 21, 2012
Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan
"The establishment is prone to thinking that something or someone will always come to Pakistan’s rescue because of its location." (Stephen Cohen) Since independence, Pakistan’s geography has been a crucial factor in shaping up international politics as well as global affairs of the state. It is located at the region which has great economic, political and strategic importance. The geographical location of Pakistan makes it a junction of the three important parts of the world, South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia. Due to its location, it has remained the focus of attention of great powers and has also served as a route to source deficient countries from source efficient countries. Some of the benefits associated with Pakistan’s location come from the proximity of great powers, fossil fuel exports, and links with Muslim countries, nuclear capability and economic factors. An analysis of these factors will provide an explanation for the positive aspects of Pakistan’s geostrategic position. Firstly, Pakistan is situated at the juncture of great powers. Forming alliances with the emerging powers of the world enhances the geographical importance of Pakistan. For instance: Pakistan being a neighbor of Afghanistan could assist US in the war against terror, therefore, , US awarded Pakistan with military and economic assistance with an aim to assist in dealing with high level insecurity and terrorism within the region. A.Z.Hilali (author on US Pakistan relations) writes, “the country emerged as a ‘front line’ state, the major player in the game and the principal channel through which assistance was provided to the Afghan Mujahidin”. The second factor that is involved in strengthening the importance of Pakistan’s geographical position is the presence of trade routes in Pakistan. Presence of enormous natural resources, control over trade routes, development of Gwadar International port and the ongoing demand for fossil fuels in the...
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