Geo Mapping and Small Industries

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1. Identify the key software applications used by The Tea Collection. The Tea Collection used information technologies very successfully to create their business and to make it one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. They do not only use software to design their clothes, they also use applications to sell their products. The executives use geographic data- mapping software to target new selling areas, where are not that many stores for children’s clothing but good demographic circumstances. The Tea Collection has also created a tool bag-in-tool for their retailers to make it easier for them to order new products over the internet. 2. How does the geo-mapping software help the company grow? Explain how sales reps use the results of the geo-mapping system.   Tea Collection uses software to be able to sell their clothing line across the country. The executive of Tea Collection uses the software “geo-mapping” to find territories in the United States where there is not a lot of children’s clothing sold and they can expect to build up their company there because the area is not oversaturated with children’s clothing. It is a geographic data-mapping software, which he uses to find the best place to build up a new Tea Collection store. With the software he can find out the ZIP code of the area without many children’s clothe stores and see the area from closer to make out the landscape where they think a Tea Collection store would fit in best. A yellow dot in a green area shows the highest prospect and sales reps use this system to sell their line there.The geo-mapping software is insofar relevant to the material learned in the 3rd lecture, because it is an information system. In the Tea Collection it especially plays a role for ensuring their survival and to promote competitive advantage. The customer service is as well improved. Tea Collection invests one percent of the income into information systems to develop new services they can use in their...
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