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Case Assignments

Case 1: An ERP Story

1. What are the project’s main characteristics and challenges identified by Jean Roberge?

2. In your opinion, does the project have other characteristics or challenges that Jean Roberge did not identify but should also be taken into account?

Case 2: Mrs. Field Cookies

1. Describe and evaluate the role of information technology at Mrs. Fields Cookies in terms of the following:

a. IT architecture
b. IT and Organization Structure
c. IT and Management Control
d. Insights for General Managers

Case 3: Li & Fung (A): Internet Issues

1. What has been the historic strength and strategy of Li and Fung?

2. What capabilities of Li and Fung does leverage? What are the risks of their strategy?

3. What advice would you give William and Victor Fung?

Case 4: Cisco System Architecture: ERP and Web-enabled IT

1. How was the decision made to implement ERP?

2. Evaluate the analysis made to recommend ERP to the Board, and the quality of the justification.

3. What were the key factors that enabled the team to implement ERP in 9 months at Cisco?

4. How did Cisco build their I-Net to electronically connect with the customer? Identify the benefits that were enabled by this initiative.

5. Identify the main benefits of the strategic I-Net at Cisco, and estimate the range and type of benefits you think that they achieved.

Case 5: Buckman Laboratories (A)

1. What do you think of the implementation approach taken by Buckman?

2. Do you think the current system described in the case is effective? What are its limitations? How can they be overcome?

3. What general lessons does the case offer to an organization aspiring to implement a “knowledge management” system?

4. How should senior management of an organization evaluate such a system?

5. How would you answer the three challenges listed at the...
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