Gentlemen, Your Verdict

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Oct 17th

Gentlemen, Your verdict

In this story Gentlemen your verdict, the captain of a submarine, L-C Oram, is put in a difficult situation which results in him sacrificing 14 of his men including himself, to save 5 men with families waiting for them back home. Of course killing people is wrong, but if I, or anyone else, was put into a situation like L-C Oram was, then I think it would be okay to… bad as that sounds. In situations like these, I think there are some exceptions to killing people. He wasn’t trying to murder his crew for fun, he had good  intentions! He did it so that 5 men could go home to their families. He even sacrificed himself! He was being generous and thinking about the wives and children on those 5 men. L-C Oram had no choice! He was the captain, it was his duty to do the right thing….whatever that may be. He had no time to think, and there was no way he could save all the men in the submarine. He was even kind enough to make sure the crew died somewhat peacefully with the poison. But, this short story doesn’t make any sense at the end when the jury is asked “So gentlemen, guilty or not guilty?” Obviously he is guilty since he killed 14 other men and himself on top of that. I don’t see why he is on trial in the first place, he is dead! You can’t send a dead body to jail. Oram acted in the moment, anyone else would do the same thing. At least he saved the men that he did. In my opinion, he was a true captain. Everyone makes mistakes, even if this was a big one. I’m sure many others would agree with me that the only thing he is guilty of is being a true captain. A hero.
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