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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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No matter which type of job or career the author is looking for, a resume is a great first step. Generally, resumes are built and created in early adulthood by the author them self. There are a few things that can be assumed about the authors. First, they are middle to upper class individuals who like to show off their own personal qualifications, education, and academic and professional experiences they have obtained throughout their life. The audience in which will be looking over these resumes could be a pretty broad range generally speaking, but for the most part whoever the author is submitting the resume to will be the intended audience for this genre. I think it is safe to say this genre will be around for many years to come, and has been used for many years already. It doesn’t matter where the author is from, if it is an urban or rural area, they will still create and build a resume when entering the career world. The use of a resume is seen in other countries as well, it is a tool that is used by many audiences within the job world. Most jobs ask to see a copy of your resume at the time when applying for a career. The author’s purpose to creating a resume is to get a career. It is a quick advertisement of who the author is. Resumes help others see what is unique about the author as an individual, and also just to see some basic background information on the author. It’s a “snapshot” of who the author is with the intent of capturing and emphasizing interests. Since the resume is a primary tool in a job search, it needs to be carefully written and critiqued. Not only does the rhetorical situation of the genre have a purpose, but also the conventions of this genre, including its rhetorical appeals, content, structure, style, and design also help to achieve the purpose of this genre.

Rhetorical appeals that are used throughout this genre are ethos and logos, the credibility and logical appeals. Ethos are used in that essence that the author is giving credit to themselves for the accomplishment that they have made throughout their life. They are finally listing them down on a piece of paper in a professional way, so they are able to further succeed in life. This genre talks about the education and the not only academic but also professional experiences in which the author has had. An example of ethos, the author who is going for a business position gives herself credit for being a student apart of the Student Resolution Panelist and a troop instructor for Girl Scouts of American (Kim). The logos are used to help put the resume in an organized and logical fashion. The author uses their logic to express information about them that they want the audience to see and read about. They know what type of information is and is not appropriate to put on their resume that their audience and possible fellow boss and coworkers may read. “Dedicated and accomplished graduate candidate with a solid academic background in Music, including a teacher’s license,” stated by author Janice Jeffries. This author in particular is showing an example of logos in that she is sharing specific information she would like the audience to know about her. The rhetorical appeals help to set up the content of this type of genre.

When looking at a genre the content which is included within the genre is a key part. In a resume there are many key things that the author wants to make sure they include. The most important part would be the name and contact information of the author. This way the audience in which is looking at the resume knows who it belongs to and who they should get in contact with for further information. For instance, the author who is applying for a music teaching job has her name, phone number, email, and street address clearly labeled on her resume (Jeffries). The qualifications of the author for the job in which they are applying for is also a part that should be included in the content of a resume. It...
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