Genre's in Children Literature

Topics: Ferdowsi, Shahnameh, Persian literature Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: June 1, 2012
There are plenty of genres in Children’s literature, maybe even more than any other kinds of literature. Some children books are published on a worldwide scale, so one does not simply know all of these genres. According to Lukens “A genre is something that describes a group of similar characteristics”. (Lukens, 2007, p.13)The three genres that I will be discussing are Folklore, fantasy, and traditional literature. Folklore or folktales are stories, poems, fairy tales, oral history and legends which are the traditions of a culture, or a country. Such stories are about ancient wars, epic hero tales, ballads, or mythology just to name a few. I personally grew up reading mostly folktales from authors in the Middle East such as The Shahnameh by the Persian poet Ferdowsi which was a collective of epic poems about mythical and historical past of Iran. My favourite story from the Shahnameh is the Story of Rostam, the national mythical hero of Iran who is called the champion of champions. I recommend anyone who is interested in Classic Folklore literature to check out the Shahnameh.

Fantasy creates another world for characters and readers, asking that readers believe this other world could and does exist within the framework of the book (Lukens, 2007, p.20). It is a genre of fiction that has supernatural phenomena as a primary element of the story. In Charlotte’s web, all animals are able to read. As an adult this seems preposterous and unreal, but the book leaves this to your imagination and portrays a world where this phenomenon is possible which is a perfect example of what Fantasy books do. One of my favourite books in this genre is the great Animal Farm written be George Orwell. A well written tale of communism held in the setting of a farm. The animals, led by a group of pigs revolt against the cruel human farm owner, one of the pigs takes over and tries to turn the farm into a utopia with guidelines to prevent animals from ever becoming like mankind. I am...
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