Genetic Engineering: a Dangerous Future

Topics: DNA, Human Genome Project, Genetics Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: May 25, 2013
After the completion of the Human Genome Project, scope for genetic engineering was greatly expanded. Every part of human DNA was mapped and recorded for its role in the DNA. This also made changes in DNA possible, allowing scientists to remove or fix any mutations that could lead to harmful consequences. Due to the success of the project it is possible that in a few years couples may even be able to design their children by picking not only their children’s physical appearance but also their children’s mental capacity. Although scientist will be capable of making customized babies, a question remains. Is this ethical and truly a good idea? Though most may like the thought of a customized baby, the truth is that this will only lead to a confused and segregated world. Every perspective of a customized baby such as picking gender, birth defects, and traits is full of problems.

A world of people without mutations sound great to everyone but really no one realizes how horrible it can be. If no one in the world had birth defects, the population on earth would increase rapidly and earth would reach its carrying capacity in no time. And if the earth could not support the number of people living on it there would be a spread of diseases and a lack of food and resources to provide everyone with. This would even cause the living conditions to worsen. Also getting rid of birth defects is not always good; birth defects can be beneficial too. For example the color changes of Cockatiels in Europe. Not only that, but removing birth defects will cause a drift in the lower and upper class as well. Getting a customized birth will cost money that only the upper class will be able to afford. So over time the kids of the lower and middle class will have more people with birth defects than the people in the upper class. This drift between the two classes will not be only caused by the choice of removing birth defects but also by the ability to select traits.

In a few years if we...
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