Generation X and Home Decor

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Home, Do it yourself Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Home Décor

Generation X places buying homes and home related products as one of their top priorities. They see their homes as a sign of their individuality over materialistic values. They are interested in low maintenance homes with a touch of personal flair over a home that stands as a representation of money. They are also invested in their children and have a positive outlook towards providing a comfortable living for their children. It’s safe to say that Generation X views all elements of the home as an essential part of the extended self.

20% of this cohort feels that they are better at home improvement and repairs than their parents. This shows that Generation X take pride in improving their homes and thus the level of involvement is high. Women are the leading demographic in involvement in home improvement, and 63% claim that they spend 40 hours per month on home improvement and repair. Additionally, many men and women have adopted a “Do it yourself” mindset for the sake of saving money. Both men and women enjoy tackling major home projects that involve painting, decorating and carpentry. The high level of involvement in the home demonstrated by this cohort coincides with their projected self-image. Attitude

Home décor is viewed as a representation of one’s self image by both males and females. One point of interest for this group is affordability in home décor products, as verified by our Qualtrics primary research data. The affective realm of attitude is dominant in this cohort’s attitude towards Home Décor products because the products purchased are parallel with personal likes and dislikes. Home décor products purchased positively resonate with this cohort’s cognitive attitudes due to their enthusiasm towards tackling home improvement projects. A total of 55% of Generation X has been involved in home improvement and repair projects. The behavioral attitude that influences this cohort serves as intention for projecting one’s...
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