Each Generation Has Something Valuable to Offer

Topics: Generation Y, Generation X, Demographics Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Arsh Atwal Each Generation has Something Valuable to Offer Feb 12/2013

Every generation has something special and unique in their own way. I would like to mention the living. Baby Boomers had to work hard for everything they have achieved. Generation X worked more hours for less money to support their family just provide basic needs to their families. Today Generation Y can afford to buy basically anything and not have to work as hard as the Baby Boomers and the Gen Xer’s did. Gen Y has more advantages in technology, science, much better health care, education, and government. As time goes on, growth in every aspect will benefit the lives of everyone throughout the world.

Baby Boomers have witnessed the world war I and II. After the wars, it was a beginning of a period of rapid growth. Cars were made, but these were only available to the rich people. A crash in the early 1900’s devastated the worlds economy, people went unemployed. Citizens couldn’t provide the basic needs to their families. This crash was a main part for the baby boomers. It was also a very valuable outcome for the generation of the boomers because it taught everyone that through one of the hard times, everyone fought of survival. It was the hardships that transformed the next generation.

Generation X brought the world to a happy place. A variety of entertainment such as televisions, video games, music player, movie theatres, and outdoor activities that opened to the general public. The effects of the crash in the 1900’s was nowhere to be seen. Life was finally peaceful again, the bad times were forgotten and it was a thing of the past. But some Gen Xer’s were still unemployed because of the crash. They still had to work more hours for less money just to provide, food, cloths, education, and property. Generation X world shifted from a near catastrophe to what is now a path to rapid expansion of positive and beneficial alliance.

As of Today, the world has...
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