Generation Gap

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“The Real Generation Gap” an article written by Marianne M. Jennings, is an article talks about “Generation X” which is the group of people who were born in the 1980’s. Statistics tell us that the gap between all the generations is wider in certain areas. There are five areas in which the gap is most pronounced; skills, knowledge, critical, thinking, work, and morality.

The skills gap is telling us about how grade inflation is becoming more of a problem. Students can have a 4.0 in high school but when they go to test in college the can’t even get into remedial courses. Same goes for the knowledge gap. Algebra, science and history are the three main subjects that students seem to forget the information they retained in earlier years of schooling. The ACT and SAT scored are steadily declining each year.

The critical thinking gap tells people how indoctrination is somewhat to blame because students are lacking in skills and knowledge. It makes students passive receivers of any information given. Students are becoming incapable of independent though.

The work Ethic gap is about how more and more people are losing what little work ethic they have. Statistics show that more men are living at home with their parents than ever before. Parents provide such a comfortable space preventing their children from wanting to move out. Credit debt has gone up tremendously and getting college degrees is taking longer than normal. Another thing is how people are losing their mortality. They want to take the easy way out whether it be right or wrong, this is the mortality gap.

Improved technology allows closing in the generation gap. Because of high technology demanding more individual judgment and morality accountability “Generation X” is able to overcome the gap they are in. Parents and teachers play a vital role in helping fill the gap. Guiding them in the right directions and encouraging nothing but the best. There is still time to save Generation X from the...
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