Generation Me

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Generation Me

The author of “Generation Me” is a social psychologist whose name is Jean M. Twenge. She is one of the “Me” Generation as she was born in 1971. Twenge suggested a different interpretation of some of the commonly held conceptions of the generation variously referred to as Generation Me. Steve Eubanks summarized this book as “…first half of the book makes the case that this is a generation in which the importance of the individual supersedes all other concerns, focusing on the cultural and demographic forces that have influenced this generation cohort. The second half of the books explores how this individual focus affects members of Generation Me, their relationships with each other generations. Twenge closes the book with a number of suggestions for how institutions can be better prepared to deal with Generation Me.” Her stance is that Generation Me has the highest self-esteem of any generation, but also the most depression. People who were born within “Me” generation are more free and equal, but also more cynical. We expect to follow our dreams, but are anxious about making that happen. I agree with her stance in some instance. She did a huge, decidedly un-GenX amount of research and replaced them with actual data. She provided a lot of helpful data and evidence from either individual or professional studies that can persuade me to believe in her arguments. “Generation Me” is a very professional book which includes an insightful analysis of the young adults Twenge labels ‘GenMe’-their supreme self-confidence in their own worth and their concern with doing things by their own way. However, I don’t recommend this book for future 1A students because it cannot catch readers’ interests and contains a wide range use of vocabulary. In some instance, “Generation Me” is a great book for parental readers and also, the “Me” generation themselves. This book made them realize some problems which...
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