Generation Gap

Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 30, 2013
generation gap
Generation gap is a common probleim in modern society.It is the distance and contradiction between the parents and children.It exits all over the world and influences both parents and children.Generally speaking, there are too many reason cause the generation gap.For example,people have different understanding and different reaction to new things, and different attitudes to tradition principles and beliefs. In this essay,I will give you some solutions and suggestions about the generation gap. First,the parents should ofen talk to their children.In today society,children don not like to their parents.They want to do everything by themselves or talk with their friends.In my opinion,the parents must talk somethings to their children everyday.They should know what their children think about and their feeling.If their children have some problem in their study and other aspects.The parents can give some suggestions to their children and help the children to overcome the difficulty.That can close the distance between parents and children.When the children talk to their parents,they feel relax and happy.So the children will become more confident and like to talk with their parents .they treat their parents as therir friends.They will have same attitudes to tradition principles and beliefs. Second,parents and children should have same hobby.They can do someting togeter.For example ,they can playing basketball together ,watching the basketball match.The children will open mind to their parents .Some children like playing computer game.some parents don not allow their children to play and tell them should study hard .But a better method for this situation,the parents should tell their children that you can play computer game in a break.And also can play with the children,talk to them.that may be a good solution to the generation gap. Third,the parents and children will have different opinion to a new things,that can make the generation gap.The children can...
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