General Management

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1.What was the cause of fear in RBM?
Answer: - Ram Bali Mishra (RBM) was a green jawan of about 20 years of age & working as a assistant to the Gun Position Officer. He had pleasant manners, turned himself out well & spoke well. He was a complete teetotaler, on-smoker & vegetarian. He was happy with his duties and working with the officers.

After some span of a week the other officers noticed some changes in behavior of RBM. He also looked pale & worried. He was less talkative, less lively & his interaction with other jawans decreased. The other officers also tried to find out the reason but nothing emerged. So the RBM has been sent to Regimental Medical Officer (RMO). The RMO inspected him and gave some medicines. On being contacted by the officer, the RMO mentioned that there was nothing wrong medically with RBM except that he was scared of the prospects of war. He even disclosed that after having been medically examined, RBM even started giving a discourse to the RMO on the bad effects of a war on environment; economy, costs, and etc.He also state that people will suffer with injuries, killed, maimed & would become homeless. The children will become orphans, woman widowed & humanity would suffer. He also advised to RMO for make all attempts to stop the war it he could or at least oppose it.

As per the discussion with the RBM the RMO convinced that the RBM has developed problems of digestion and hence, ate less, became inactive and felt tired quickly. The RBM has not any medically problem but he has was scared of the prospected war & bad effects from the war.

2.What were the symptoms of fear displayed by RBM?
Answer: -As the RBM nature is a pleasant manner, turned him out well & spoke well. He is also not having any bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. He was well educated and well versed in religious affairs, particularly, of the religion to which most of the unit belonged & he is also happy with his work.

But after...
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