General Electric Internal/External Factors

Topics: General Electric, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Thomas Edison Pages: 6 (2322 words) Published: September 9, 2008
General Electric Internal/External Factors
For over one hundred thirty years General Electric has helped shape this country to the comforts known today. Their company motto “imagination at work” says it all. With their ability to adapt to the ever changing environment around them as lead the company’s success and drive over the years. In today’s corporate world you can not find a stronger company that has learned and changed through time. The following looks at how they survived and grew for over a century.

A strong company learns to adapt to different factors in the world. Most of these factors come from within a company which tends to break the company down over time. General Electric has learned to watch for issues like this and works to keep its employees as a major part of the company’s decisions. It was best stated by the company’s CEO Jeff Immelt back in 2005, “At the top, we don't run GE like a big company. We run it like a big partnership, where every leader can make a contribution not just to their job, but to the entire Company” (GE, 2005). The company learned to listen to its leaders on all levels which keep the company connected to the daily needs of the employees and its customers. General Electric learned that these individuals see more of the company everyday and in order to make sure they have the best leaders in each level to control the daily business they have built their own team training program. For over 50 years the General Electric company has been sending its leaders to the John F. Welch leadership center to further educate the company’s employees in order for better results out of the next generations leaders. On top of the continued education of their employees the company faces external challenges each day. For years the challenge has presented its self for the company to produce energy efficient products and they have risen to the occasion. Today you will find that they are still given the challenge to help our environment and they are ready to help. Today’s economy still fights to try and create new ways to reduce harmful gas emission and find alternate means of energy. General Electric has taken this challenge and worked on many projects help the environment that today’s society is currently creating. One thought was to reduce the amount of emissions and General Electric has stepped up with the new Integrated Compressor Line (ICL). The ICL has reduced both CO2 emissions and reduced the use of 38, 250 liters of lubricant oil for each unit’s life (GE, 2008). These are just some ways that General Electric has thrived over the years. They have followed the fact of watching the economy and building strong leaders to help plan and control all aspects of the company.

The emergence of globalization has caused numerous companies to change the way they function as an organization. Globalization affects all the functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. General Electric Company is on the forefront of globalization and has adapted to meet the needs of a new global marketplace. For the function of planning, GE has made changes with respect to globalization. By throwing out the old top-to-bottom model of planning, GE has created teams of junior staffers, taken for their ability to think creatively. The company has also begun to make interactions with clients and suppliers, which is a dramatic shift from the close-to-the-vest approach of yesteryear (Byrne, 1996). In regard to organizing, GE has effectively shifted from an industry leading manufacturer, to a service-focused international conglomerate with activities in energy, construction, financial services, and health services (Auchard, 2008). In a recent speech, CEO of GE Jeff Immelt made it perfectly clear that GE will maintain a global approach to running itself, now and in the future. Immelt said "I am a globalist. You are a globalist. We all believe in the strength of the global economy,"...
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