General Banking Perspectives: Dhaka Bank Ltd

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1. Introduction

Commercial Bank implies that banks devote most of their resources to meeting the financial needs of business firms. This institution offers the public both deposit and credit services as well as a growing list of newer and more innovating services, such as investment advice, security underwriting, and financial planning. In recent years financial institutions have diversified themselves to satisfy consumers and units of government around the world. The result is the emergence of a financial institution that has been called a financial department store because it satisfies the broadest range of financial services needs in the global economy.

The importance to commercial banks may be measured in a number of ways. Banks are still the principal means of making payments, through the checking accounts, credit cards, and electronic funds transfer services they offer. Banks are important because of their ability to create money from excess reserves made available from the public's deposits. The banking system can take a given volume of excess cash reserves and, by making loans and investment, generate a multiple amount of credit.

Bangladesh is developing country. After liberalization, we achieve a poor economic growth in last three decades. This is because of number of micro and macro factors as density of people.

Bangladesh is a place where we see lack of proper education and poor political stability. Political instability is the major factor in Bangladesh that makes a vital hazard to achieve the economic growth. All of above, banking industry brings a little bit hope that can be a better flavor to accelerate the economic growth in our country. This is the only sector (especially private banking) that getting a continuous develops from last two decades.

One of the aims of this study involves the focus on ‘The General Banking Practice of Dhaka Bank Ltd, Halishahar Branch’. Another aim of this paper is to point out how management of the bank can perform better and provide better service to the clients.

2. Methodology

Different data and information are required to meet the goal of this report. Those data and information were collected from various sources, such as, primary and secondary which is showed below:

Primary data were collected from:
➢ Face to face conversations with the employees at various fields. ➢ Personal interviewing and interacting customers.
➢ Observing various organizational procedures.
➢ Customer’s response from questions.

Secondary data were collected from:
➢ Internet and Annual report of Dhaka Bank Limited.
➢ Progress report/ Statement affairs and Bank Rate sheet of the Bank. ➢ Several kinds of Academic test-book and training sheet. ➢ Different publications regarding banking functions and foreign-exchange operation. ➢ Prior research report on this Bank.

3. Scope

The scope of the research covers the General Banking practices of Dhaka Bank Limited. The report focuses on the general banking practices in general, how it is implemented in Dhaka Bank Limited.

4. Limitation of the study

The present study was not out of limitations. From the beginning to end, the study has been completed sincerely and carefully. But some problem arises from conducting the study. During the study it was not possible to visit the whole area covered by the banks although the financial statements and other information regarding the study have been covered. Some limitation are given stated below-

1.The main constraint of the study is insufficiency of information, which was required for the study. There are various information that the bank employee can't provide due to security and other corporate obligations. 2.Due to time limitations many of the aspects could not be discussed in the present report. 3.Every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others. While collecting data through interviewing the...
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