Gender Testing Women in Sports

Topics: Gender, Androgen insensitivity syndrome, Woman Pages: 4 (1398 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Gender Testing In Sports and Women
Imagine (that)you’re a female professional runner and tomorrow was(is)your big race. You’re pumped and ready; but all of a sudden you get a phone call telling you (that) your gender has been questioned so you may not compete in the competition. Imagine, everything in your entire life that you’ve trained and prepared for was just taken from you because of the suspicion that you are not a woman. Women all over the world have received this very call that have stripped them of their self-confidence, their dignity and overall ruined their careers. Gender testing in misused in sports and (targeted?)misused towards women. It is used as a tool of profit and that is wrong. (Great intro!)

Gender testing in sports(remove) is used too openly in sports for women. In one sad gender testing case, a 31 year old former elite middle distance runner, Santhi Soundarajan, who fell prey to suspicions from her competitors "breathtakingly butch. She has a deep voice, wears her hair in braids close to her head, dresses like a boy and has very little softness to her physique.” Said one of her competitors in The New Yorker.(Caught in the middle, Samantha Shapiro) (last name, “title”) (Shapiro, “Caught in the middle”) Soundarajan was called in for a ”regular checkup”, they were actually giving her the gender test were they go through a series of complicated procedures that must be handled carefully. One small mistake could result in faulty test results. Soundarajan wasn’t informed that she was given the test and wasn’t informed of the results either. Not until 3 days later on the morning news when Soundarajan’s results were(in which) broadcasted to the rest of India. Then she was told through a phone call that she was to be stripped of her meddle(sp) “because she was not really a woman.” (Caught in the middle, Samantha Shapiro). Cases like Soundarajan’s are a perfect example of how openly these test are given and how publically the outcome of the...
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