Gender Stereotype

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Gender Stereotype

Stereotyping was an act of generalizing a group by observation of some group members, but later it becomes a popular belief and assumption to certain groups. Although sometimes these assumption made by stereotyping can be correct but most of the time it affects our judgment by oversimplifying our further observation on the others. People sometimes rationalize their stereotyping by ignoring evidence that contradicts the stereotype, thus created unconscious stereotype. Unconscious stereotype can lead to discrimination, under performance, and false understanding to certain groups. One of the unconscious stereotypes we hardly notice in our everyday life is the gender stereotype.

Ever since we were kids, boys are socialized to be tough, aggressive, loud, and athletic; girls are socialized to be sensitive, passive, quiet, and nonathletic. “Parents encourage their sons and daughters to participate in sex-typed activities, including doll playing and engaging in housekeeping for girls and playing with trucks and engaging in sports activities for boy.” said by Susan D. Witt in “Parental Influence on Children’s Socialization to Gender Roles”. And because of this, boys tend to stand out more than girls, and girls did not usually speak out in public. Although it was only an issue of being passive or aggressive, but it had lead most male to stereotype female as less intelligent because of how most female did not speak out their opinions; so did I. And because of this stereotype, most men believe that women are not competent to work in a position higher than men and women are expected by men to be housewife. According to Chang Tianle, “If a successful woman does not assume traditional duties at home, she will probably be accused of being selfish and concentrating too much on her career and neglecting her family.” Women would get blamed if not doing most of the housework at home even though they are making the major earning for the family....
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