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  • Published : April 9, 2005
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Psyc 3331 Psychology of Gender Notes02.02.05

Chapter 1 Key Terms
•Androcentric bias: discipline of psychology that is largely focused on men and describes men as superior and women as inferior. •Bias in Research Methods: bias occurs in every part of the research process-from question formulation and research design to data analysis and interpretation •Blatant sexism: occurs when women are treated in a transparently harmful and unequal way. •Covert sexism: form of sexism that's intentional, hidden, and often hostile. •Cultural approach: origins of gender stereotyping from a sociocultural perspective where children are socialized to act according to their culture. •Cultural feminism: emphasizes characteristics and qualities of women that are devolved and ignored in society. •Division 35: APA's division of the psychology of women (est.1973) •Engendering psychology: a psychology which gender considerations are mainstreamed throughout the discipline. •Evolutionary psychology: developed by Wilson; psychological traits are selected through evolution •Feminism: belief that women and men are equal and should be equally valued and have equal rights. •1st wave feminism: began in 1903 with the founding of women's social and political union •gender: different between boys and girls and women and men are averaged in society's social interact; based on a composed set of traits, interests, and behaviors. •Gender schema: structures that allow a person to organize information related to gender by linking gender labels to objects, traits, and behaviors. •Gender stereotypes: cognitive representation of males and females; organized set of beliefs of psychological traits and characteristics as well as activities appropriate to men or women. •Liberal feminism: focuses on equality of women and men

•Men's movement: includes military, political, religion, and economic events that have benefited men •Radical feminism: focuses on control of women by men; based on...
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